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The PTSD Initiative Training Series is a community-based educational initiative developed to identify and mitigate the effects of stress and traumas for individuals, families, groups and workplaces.

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PTSD Initiative

PTSD affects the majority of individuals on various levels having experienced some form of trauma over the course of their lifetime. The designation of DSM-5 further highlights the legitimacy in trying to understand and mitigate the effects of PTSD and identified a need for treatment. The results these challenges bring affects the work environment, relationships, home life and functionality in general. PTSD directly prevents an individual or group of individuals from enjoying their present life no matter their level of success. Educating staff and personnel that may potentially come into contact with this special needs population not only improves outcomes, but further reduces liability and mitigates potential risk to the organization itself. Developing systems to be able to recognize the effects and identify the triggers of PTSD would prove extensively beneficial to any agency. 

"Very insightful information in order to be more aware on a daily basis of what goes on inside and around us. I believe everybody should take this course as citizens in order to have more compassion of what goes on in our society to be part of the solution."

                    -attendee of The First Responder's First Responder: Family

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We take an interactive approach to ensure our audience not only understands the material being presented, but can also relate to it.